Outdoor Electrician

Open Electrician is a business established to help you at all times.

Did your electricity go out in the middle of the night?
Is there an electrical fault? Is your geyser broken? Is the electricity gone? Does it blow insurance?
Contact us immediately by calling 0501 359 03 34, and we will find a solution for all your electrical works with our professional team.
We are at your service for all your electrical works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in every region of Mersin with our organization and team, which has been serving in Mersin Electricity market for more than 30 years without sacrificing quality. Our electricians, who are affordable, high quality and solution-oriented, offer the best quality and most suitable solutions for you.

Below are some of the regions we serve 24/7.

Mersin Aydınlıkevler Electricity
Mersin Menteş Electricity
Kocavilayet Mersin Electricity
Pozcu Electric
Fuat Morel Electric
Nearest Electricity
Electrician’s Shop 50th Anniversary
Electricity Understanding the Internet
Deniz Neighborhood  electricity
Electrician’s Shop in Mezitli
Soli open Electrician Master
Electricity Shop Nearest
Electrical Shop Near Me

Below are some of the jobs we serve.

Geyser Installation
Geyser Repair
Electrical Troubleshooting
Internet Cable Pulling
Chandelier Installation
Satellite Cable Pulling
Satellite Installation
Strip Led Shooting
Spot Installation
Cornice Installation
Fuse Failure
Switch Failure
Mersin Switch Failure
Residual Current Relay Troubleshooting
Grounding Gravity